We support development of nanocarbon technologies with great commitment by taking an active part in research and development projects and scientific symposia. Presently we cooperate on several projects aimed at improvement and adjustment of carbon nanotechnology in order to use the same in further industrial sectors.

We will update the project progress on the website of The Institute of Carbon Technologies as well as in a newsletter, for which you may subscribe .

We are open to cooperation with research institutes and scientific centers from Poland and abroad in order to realize innovative research projects in the field of development of nanocarbon technology.

We are also interested in cooperation with commercial companies that wish to use the potential of nanocarbon technology in their sectors in order to create modern solutions and products in cooperation with The Institute of Carbon Technologies.

Entities interested in research and development cooperation are encouraged to contact The Institute of Carbon Technologies.

Under the Regional Operation Program of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship for 2010-2020-EFRR, The Institute of Carbon Technologies realizes Project: Research and development work on the production of lubricants with graphene component and graphene oxide. The project aims at carrying fundamental research on exfoliation mechanisms of modified and natural graphite into graphene and graphene oxides as well as research and development of innovative technology for producing plastic and solid lubricants based on graphene and graphene oxides with increased lubrication parameters. Lubricants modified by this technology will show a reduced coefficient of friction on sliding surfaces and a reduction of their wear. This product will find its economical applications in the automotive and machine industry.