About The Institute

About The Institute

The Institute of Carbon Technologies

The Institute of Carbon Technologies we believe that our solutions can help a lot of companies to create innovative products based on nanocarbon technology.

Our institute is one of the Polish manufacturers of concentrates and dispersions based on carbon nanotubes. Our aim is to create best quality efficient nanocarbon components adjusted to individual expectations of manufacturers. We are able to realize this aim owing to our expertise, experience and knowledge of market demands and active cooperation with enterprises.

Research in The Institute of Carbon Technologies

We think that nanotechnology can achieve even more

In Instytut Technik Węglowych we conduct advanced research on development of nanocarbon technology through improvement, purification, chemical modification and dispersion of carbon nanotubes. We are open to cooperation with other research centres and commercial companies in order to extend applications of nancarbon technology in the industrial and medical sector.

The mission of The Institute of Carbon Technologies

We support development of enterprises

We share our expertise and experience in the field of production and use of materials based on carbon nanotubes in order to support our partners in creation of modern, durable and environment-friendly solutions based on nanocarbon technology.

The team of The Institute of Carbon Technologies

dr hab. Paweł Szroeder, President of the Management Board

Paweł Szroeder has been conducting scientific research on carbon for nearly 30 years. In 2004 he was awarded with PhD in the field of physical sciences in the Institute of Physics of Nicolaus Copernicus University (the title of his doctoral dissertation: Electron properties of carbon nanotubes) and in 2014 the same Institute awarded whim with a degree of PhD habilitated (the title of his monograph: The physics of intersurface of low-dimensional carbons and ion solutions). He is a professor in the Department of Radiospectroscopy and Carbon Physics of the Institute of Physics of Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz.

He participates in numerous research projects realized in international teams with the participation of scientists of the University of Technology in Ilmenau, the University of Technology in Chemnitz, the Taras Szewczenko State University in Kiev, the Institute of Metal Physics of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Molecular Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Electronic Material Technology and many others.

His research relates to electron and electrochemical properties of carbon nanotubes and graphene in the context of use of the materials in electrochemical converts (converters). He is the author of numerous works on solid body physics, including also numerous works on properties of carbon nanotubes. His works are published in prestigious scientific periodicals, including, but not limited, to American Carbon. He has reviewed numerous articles for prominent scientific periodicals such as ACS Nano or Angewandte Chemie. Since 2013 he has been a vice-president of the Polish Carbon Society.